Business Entrepreneurs: Why Term Life Insurance Matters

21 October 2015
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You've had a great idea for a new business venture.  After developing a sales plan and securing a few investors, everything seems ready to go.  The only thing is that you need to think about insurance.  Along with business coverage, you also need some personal insurance.  One of the best options for the present is to secure a term life policy. Why Personal Coverage? Entrepreneurs often plan for using something like commercial insurance Meyer's Insurance Ltd to cover their investors in the event that the great idea turns out to be not so great after all. Read More 

Livestock Insurance For Cattle: 5 Ways To Make Sure Your Insurer Doesn’t Decline Your Claim

10 July 2015
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Farming is a risky business. Predators, disease and environmental disasters all pose serious risks to your livelihood, and without livestock insurance, one serious adverse event could cause financial ruin. As such, it's vital that you take out the right type of livestock insurance, and it's also crucial that the policy underwriting is right for your herd. Make sure an insurer never declines a valid claim, and consider the five following underwriting issues when you next renew or take out livestock insurance for your cattle. Read More 

6 Facts To Consider About Commercial Property Insurance

9 June 2015
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As a small business owner, purchasing insurance is important to properly protect your business. While there are many different plans you should consider, commercial property insurance is one of the most important. If you're shopping around for a commercial property insurance policy, check out these six facts to consider and help you pick the right plan and add-ons for your business. All-Risk Policies Cover Most Common Risks When choosing a policy, there are two different options: all-risk and peril-specific. Read More 

Shopping For Health Insurance? 2 Ways Insurance Brokers Provide Excellent Service

12 March 2015
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You might feel proactive attending open enrollment meetings at work and calling health insurance companies on your own, but how much do you really know about picking a medical insurance policy? If you choose the wrong plan, you might end up without the coverage that you need during an emergency. Fortunately, independent insurance brokers can act as your guide along the way. Here are two ways an insurance broker can provide you with excellent service: Read More 

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Home And Car Insurance Policies

10 March 2015
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As a home and vehicle owner, insurance is a necessity. Without proper insurance, you can be left facing an astronomical repair bill if something unexpected were to happen, like a natural disaster or an auto accident. Don't let the cost of your premiums get you down – here are five ways to save yourself a little money on your home and auto insurance plans: Raise Your Deductibles A great way to keep your insurance premiums down is to select the highest deductible possible. Read More